Fine Arts by
Victoria Pepe
Victoria was chosen to present a special showing of her works in the Living Room Gallery at Saint Peter's Church in partnership with the Midtown Arts Common, between November 15th until
January 24th, 2019

Saint Peter’s Church contributes to New York’s vibrant art scene by hosting rotating exhibitions in two prominent gallery spaces. Exhibitions typically explore spirituality in its broadest sense. Like any art show, those at Saint Peter’s Church provoke discussion regarding art’s place in culture, in spiritual thought and in daily life.
In addition to being an extraordinary artist, Victoria is also an accomplished musician and composer. The music videos presented here are only a small sampling of over 3000 compositions that she has composed through the years. 
Victoria's ArtInscribe

These art pieces feature positive uplifting words and phrases that are intricately interwoven into free form geometric shapes which have sacred, archetypical universal and symbolic meanings. This is a unified art expression.. hopefully to convey deeper meanings of positive words and phrases like PEACE, JOY, HOPE LIGHTS MY PATH etc. The geometrics enhance the meanings on a very deep level. People actually see shapes and forms within the geometrics.....which have special meanings to them.
The sample below inscribes the word "LUMINSONICS".  Can you see it?
The Citigroup Center formerly Citicorp Center is the result of a condominium initiative between CitiBank and Saint
Peter’s Church. This urban complex stretches the entire city block between Lexington and Third Avenues and 53rd and 54th Streets. The complex includes an office tower, an atrium, a public plaza, a low-rise office building and the church building. While integrated with the rest of the complex, the Sanctuary is nonetheless, free-standing.
If you want to contact Victoria, you can email her at: